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    I own an 89 Godin Acoustibass which is still in good working order. The one small issue that I have is that the "E" string is more volume sensitive (higher) than the A, D, or G string. Has any one else had this issue?

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    Hey TallGuy49,
    The pickup in the original Acoustibass is the AB4, which is the 4-string version of the LB6.

    If the strings aren't balanced, it could be from one of a number of things. If the saddle/pickup isn't seated flat in the slot, if the bridge or saddle slot have warped or bent over time, or if the individual sensors in the pickup are just starting to fail, it could cause the strings to be out of balance.

    I would check the fit and flatness of the saddle and slot first. If everything is good there, there are some tricks you can do to make the pickup balance. If those don't work, replacing the pickup with a new AB4 might be the best long-term option.