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  • 1990s preamp eq


    This is my first post here. The photo shows two preamps my wife and I bought in the 90's. They both are working fine. One is an 18 volt and the other is a 9 volt version. There is no visible model number on either device. Can anyone provide the model numbers for these preamps.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Hey Tugboat,
    It's always great to see preamps that old still working correctly after nearly 30 years of use. The preamps themselves were literally just called the Preamp Equalizer, or PEQ. That was LR Baggs' first preamp, primarily designed to be used with the LB6, although it worked well with a variety of pickups.

    The same preamp/PCB was used in the Godin Acousticaster, with some minor part changes.


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      morning boss,
      , you'll love this.....i have a greg bennett blackbird / lrbaggs active pickup system installed @ samick....V B M T mini pots.... 9volt.... replaced bad glue joint bridge.
      Iam mounting and rewiring the circuitboard. pickup to board to 1/4in output jack. ANY INFO WILL SAVE ME......thanks sincerely gumpy


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        Hey grumpy,
        It's probably best if you are able to send me a few pictures of the exact system you have. If you want to email me at [email protected], I will do what I can to help.


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          will do boss as soon as I figure out how-to... highly recommended guitar. I've used high end Ovation guitars for years until the swap. Fender man here however, this guitar plays like a Gibson. The BAGGS system is the best I've discovered after preforming pro 55years.I KNOW what I've wanted out of life and was lucky to have been blessed with dreams come true. thanks so much.