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LR Baggs Timber Plus preamp - replacement

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  • LR Baggs Timber Plus preamp - replacement

    Hi, everyone! I own a Crafter CT 120 that brings a LR Baggs timber plus. It stopped working. Tried all contacts you can imagine in Brazil. Nothing. I need help to purchase a replacement new one. Please, that guitar must sound again!!! Keep on rockin'

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    Hey fabiano,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Timber Plus was actually made by Crafter for use in their guitars. It did use an LR Baggs Element pickup, but the preamp was designed and made by Crafter. So sadly, LR Baggs doesn't have any replacement preamp parts available for that system. If you haven't yet, I would recommend reaching out to Crafter directly

    [email protected]

    ​​​​​​​I hope this helps.


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      couldn't find the similar thread to ask about but Which acoustic guitar pick up is best paired with my LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI preamp?
      https://vidmateapp.winVidMate APKMomix


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        The Para DI will work with just about every pickup out there. Choosing the right pickup usually depends a lot more on your playing situation.

        If you want to send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what your typical performance situation looks like as far as solo vs. band, amp or PA, wedge monitors or in-ears, etc., I would be happy to help you find a pickup for your specific needs.