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[HELP] 48V fantom power at a MICRO EQ output ... how to repair ?

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  • [HELP] 48V fantom power at a MICRO EQ output ... how to repair ?

    Hello to All of you
    first of all, I am from France, hope my english will not be too bad...

    I am happy owner of a Seagull S6 guitar, since 1997, which is equipped with a MicroEQ LR-BAGGS pre-amp.
    Always be very happy with it.
    Unfortunately, last week, i played with friends, and one guy swtiched on the +48V for the fantom power supply ...
    As a result, i had lots of parasist then noises when playing... then, no more sound ...
    Think it is reasonable to admit that the pre-amp is dead

    MicroEQ has been removed (revB 1997) from the guitar, and will try to repair it: there are not so much components.

    I just would like to know how is it possible to test of the transducer is still fine or not ? Is there any resistance or impedance i could check ,

    What could be the components that could fail in case you put a 48V source at the output ? Was thinking of a dead capacitor, or may be a transistor , but which one ? Any document or idea that could help me would be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks for your support ...even if you can't help :-)

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    I replied to the email that you sent earlier this morning.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.