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Replacement ribbon transducer for a Carvin AC275

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  • Replacement ribbon transducer for a Carvin AC275

    Good morning - A few days ago I had the unfortunate luck of the bridge on my Cavin AC275 (circa 2005) popping loose causing the ribbon transducer to break. The bridge has since been reinstalled. I've searched online for a replacement LR Baggs ribbon that I could purchase to replace the broken one but have had no luck. Is this something that I can acquire through LR Baggs directly? Thank you!

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    Unfortunately, the Ribbon Transducer has been out of production for around 10 years now, and we don't have any replacements available.

    If you need a replacement pickup, I would recommend the Element. Carvin switched over to the Element when the RT was discontinued, so it should work without any issues.

    The Element isn't usually sold by itself, but there are a few dealers who carry it:


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      Thanks for the quick replay and the info! So this replacement will operate correctly with the preamp system that came installed in this guitar?


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        Yep, it should be a drop-in replacement. The Element in the link above has a 2.5mm plug on it, which should be easy enough to remove so the pickup can be soldered to the board like the RT.