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LR Baggs VTC recording issue

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  • LR Baggs VTC recording issue

    Hi...the guitar player in the band I'm in recently bought a new Gibson J-185 (April 2022) with the LR Biggs VTC pickup in it. I just tried multi track recording this guitar with vocals and keyboard etc.
    The guitar track has a sound in it every minute or so...not a drop out but more like a bit of extra sound ..if that's possible. I can't seem to get rid of it in my DAW (Studio One Ver5) I recorded these tracks using a Zoom H8 going into Studio One on a new PC laptop with a Ryzen 7 CPU and 16 gigs of ram. The recording session went fine and there is no other sound like this on any of the other tracks. Not sure what it is but do have samples if any one wants to try and help me out.

    Thanks in advance for any help !

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    Hey Nikkor,
    Thanks for posting.

    If you want to email me a sound sample of that noise, I'd love to listen and see if it's anything I've come across before.

    I'm at [email protected].