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  • User suggestion for saturation type

    I've been using the Session DI which I like a lot, especially the compression/EQ.
    But I don't have much use for the saturation feature because it gets the overall sound muddy.

    So my suggestion to improve the saturation on the session pedals is to make it more like a exciter saturation.
    Or even better, the pedal could have saturation knob to control the amount along with a switch.
    The switch could change the type of saturation that affects only higher frequencies or the whole spectrum.
    I've seen something similar on the Softube saturation plugin (free) where a user chooses between 'keep low', 'keep high' or 'natural' setting.

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    I love the suggestion. The Stadium DI, which was designed for bass, has a switch that takes the Saturation from low-end-only to full-range. I agree that it would be really cool to have a similar feature for the Session so you could get a bit more "intentional" or in-your-face drive.