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VoicePrint DI questions....

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  • VoicePrint DI questions....

    I lead worship in a church and I use a wireless pack with my guitars equipped with the new HiFi pickup, which I love. I'm intrigued with the VoicePrint DI, and wonder if it will work just as well with the HiFi as it does with the M80 (all I have seen are demo vids with the M80 and VP DI). Also, given that I go wireless, how would I use the VP DI in my setup? Maybe have a wireless pack from the guitar into the DI, then another wireless signal from the DI to FOH???

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    Hey Clay,
    I replied to the email you sent in a little while ago. Here's what I said:

    I've used the VPDI with just about all of our pickups in the last few years, and the Voiceprint always improves anything you plug into it. I'm currently using the HiFi/VPDI combo, and it's pretty killer!

    Regarding the wireless, you can definitely use two wireless systems if that's what you need to do. Otherwise, the other option would be to plug a normal cable from your guitar to the DI, and then send the wireless signal from the DI. It just depends on the equipment you have available and what you'd prefer.

    I hope this helps.​