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  • Carvin CC-275 electronics

    Hi all,

    My bandmate has a Carvin CC-275 acoustic/electric. I "think" it has an L.R. Baggs UTS ribbon transducer with some custom on-board electronics on surface mount PC boards. Something in the electronics have failed.

    I can't seem to find a suitable replacement for the electronics (OEM or after market). The current system runs off a 9v battery and has a volume control as well as active (boost/cut) treble and bass controls. Does anyone know the make/model of the pickup in this model and what I could replace the dead electronics with?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ryan D.

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    Hey Ryan,
    That guitar would have used an LR Baggs Ribbon Transducer pickup with a Carvin-designed preamp. The RT pickup has been discontinued for around 10 years now, and unfortunately, I don't have any info on the preamp design.

    You could install the Element VTC and retrofit the volume and tone thumbwheels with regular pots. However, if the guitar has three pots now, that would only cover two.

    For what it's worth, I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Caleb! Good to know. As I said, it's not my guitar, so not my decision, but I'll pass the info along to my bandmate.

      Ryan D.