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Help! Strapjack comes loose on my Seagull Maritime SWS Mini Jumbo.

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  • Help! Strapjack comes loose on my Seagull Maritime SWS Mini Jumbo.

    I bought the M80 soundhole pickup and two strapjack assemblies so that I could install one (strapjack) in my Seagull Maritime SWS Mini Jumbo and the other in my Simon & Patrick Showcase dreadnought. That way if I so wished, I could swap the M80 from the Seagull to the Showcase.

    I've installed the M80 and the strapjack assembly in the Seagull. I followed the instructions faithfully BUT the strapjack assembly has loosened. QUESTION: How do I fix this? Should I use glue to cement it in place?

    The Seagull sounds great with the M80. No regrets there. I have the Anthem pickup in my Gibson J-45. It's a great pickup as well but this time around I wanted to go with the M80 soundhole pickup for the reason explained above.

    Beware! Shameless plug warning:

    I'm a songwriter and a member of Country Music Alberta. Here's a song I've been shopping around for someone to cover. It's on iTunes and Spotify, et cetera but you can hear it here for free. I'm on FB and SoundCloud as well. Jim Clayton.

    A Good Day's When I Don't Think About Her
    by Jim Clayton

    I recorded it using Garageband on my MacBook Air.
    Two guitar tracks:
    1) the instrumental was played on a Gibson Les Paul Special 100 with P90s;
    2) the strumming was on my Gibson J-45 with the L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup.

    Jim Clayton in Alberta, Canada
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    Hey Jim,
    If your jack has already loosened up, you will need to remove the jack, tighten the threads on the inner portion of the jack, and reinstall it. Be especially careful not to bottom out when you tighten down on the outer nut. If that bottoms out against the inner part of the jack, the inner and outer nuts/washers will not have enough tension to hold them in place for the long haul.

    Strapjack Installation JPG.jpg
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      Thanks, Caleb. I'll try that. Jim