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Hifi and iBeam placement pinless bridge

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  • Hifi and iBeam placement pinless bridge

    Hello and good evening (Dutch time).

    I was wondering about both the new Hifi as well as the iBeam how forgiving they are. I have a Lowden S35 with very narrow bracing, but no bridge pins. So there’s room to place the tranducers a bit more to the back of the guitar, to where the pins should be, if there were any. Bad idea or worth a shot?

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    Soundboard pickups, generally speaking, are not very forgiving when it comes to placement. Moving 4-5mm can drastically change the sound of the pickup in some guitars.

    If you were able to get the iBeam or HiFi sensors under the saddle, even partially, without overhanging the bridge plate or touching the ball-ends of the strings, you should be ok. It's hard to say with 100% certainty without seeing the guitar.