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  • Problenm with pickup-system...

    Hi, I'm new here, and don't know much about LR Baggs...


    A customer came in to my shop and told me about a problem with his LR Baggs system:

    It works fine, but suddenly it can stop working. If he unplugs the jack, and plugs it again, it will work again. Does anybody know what the problem can be?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Hi There,

    What is the device or pickup system in question?

    Does it seem to stop working after the same amount of time each time or does it cut out unexpectedly with no repeatable interval?

    When it cuts out, does it come back without having to unplug and reconnect?
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      I don't know what system it is, I just provided the info the costumer came in with. But I don't think it comes back without havint to unplug or reconnect.


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        A little more info would be helpful toward diagnosing the potential issue. More often than not, however, that symptom is related to a component-level issue that would need to be tested for.

        Please reply here, to [email protected] or call 805-929-3545, ext. 111, to make arrangements to send the system in for testing.