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Adhesive Problems With Lyric

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  • Adhesive Problems With Lyric

    I'm finding that the adhesive strips on my Lyric microphones seem to lose their grip over time. In each case, I thoroughly cleaned the area before applying the microphone and started with fresh adhesive strips for the final placement. I've found that when I'm experimenting with placement, the tape bonds really well . . . but twice now when I've come back a couple months later to either try a different mic placement or move the Lyric to a different guitar, the microphone's tape is barely holding onto the wood. A couple of years back, I had a similar problem with an Ibeam pickup. After a year or so of use, it started sounding odd, so I decided to remove it to try something else. When I reached into the guitar to remove it, the transducer almost fell right off into my hand. The self-adhesive wire clips in those same guitars were still stuck very tightly, but they seem to have a different kind of tape.

    I have a brand new guitar into which I want to install the Lyric, but I'm hesitant to use it. Is there a more permanent adhesive tape available? Perhaps oils in the wood are coming to the surface and weakening the bond. Should I maybe apply a little finish to the area of the bridge plate where the Lyric will go, in an attempt to consolidate the surface for a better bond? Suggestions?
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    You can always call LR Baggs and ask for some fresh adhesive pads. That said, I've reattached it using this 3m tape.


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      Thanks. I have a couple of fresh adhesive pads, but I'm concerned about their long-term adhesion. The alternative tape is also intriguing. I've got some similar automotive trim tape that I'm sure would stay stuck. It's more like the tape provided for the volume control. It's about .005" thicker than the strips that come for the microphone, though. I'm not sure how it would affect the sound from a PZM.

      The VHB adhesive strips from LR Baggs seem to stay stuck to the plastic parts a lot better than they do to the the wood. I may wipe a thin coat of epoxy on the area where the mic will go and let it cure before final installation. Maybe the tape will stay stuck better to the smoother surface.

      Perhaps someone with more experience will chime in.
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        In certain guitars where our adhesives have a hard time sticking, I've added a thin layer of superglue, spread across the mounting surface. After it dries, the adhesive has no trouble sticking. This is particularly helpful in older guitars where the wood can often be more fragile.

        You can try the alternate adhesive. I don't have as much experience with anything but the "stock" adhesive that we use, so I sadly can't comment on how well it may or may not work. I highly doubt it would damage anything, which may make it worth trying.


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          Thanks, Caleb. I have visions of my fingers being glued tight inside the guitar. I may try it with something a little slower curing than superglue.


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            Originally posted by Big-Al View Post
            Thanks, Caleb. I have visions of my fingers being glued tight inside the guitar. I may try it with something a little slower curing than superglue.
            That was exactly my fear the first time I did it! It hasn't happened yet.