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Problem with Line6 Variax - please help.

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  • Problem with Line6 Variax - please help.

    at first I am sorry for bad English.
    I am one of the owners guitars Line6 and we have a problem with string E6.
    The Line6 company are very unwilling to solve the problem.
    Here's is described the nature of the problem:

    Very please take your time to read the forum on Line6.
    Here is my first post:

    (I was annoyed when writing)

    We will be very grateful for any help.


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    So if I am understanding this correctly, you are having an issue with the DSP not removing that troublesome tone on your E6 string, right?

    If the issue that you are hearing is not in the Piezo sound of the guitar, without modeling engaged, then I would agree that it is probably an issue with the modeling DSP.

    If that is the case, then I'm afraid that Line 6 would be the only way to get any help on this issue. LR Baggs only designed the Piezo inserts for those guitars. We did not design or manufacture the DSP modeling or even the preamp for those guitars.

    If there was an issue with a mechanical noise from the Piezo, then it would be audible in the Piezo/acoustic sound, and not in the modeling or the magnetic parts of the signal.


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      The cause is a mechanical - a longitudinal wave.
      Please help to either find a way to suppress the cause, or (as the expert) to convince Line6. They do not want, or can not to resolve.
      If you are willing to devote your time and read the discussion to end, I believe that you will be able to assess where the truth and solutions.
      I do not know whom else to ask for help.


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        My statement above was made in partial ignorance about the issue at hand. Now, having read up on your situation (fully) and talking to our design Engineers to get the history, I feel that I have a better grasp on what's going on.

        I am sorry to say that, despite Line 6's write-up in the blog link above, that "clink tone" is a naturally occurring artifact of Piezo bridge pickups, no matter the circuitry or Piezo design. LR Baggs and Line 6 worked very hard to try and reduce that effect for the new JTV design, but there is only so much you can do to limit the bridge's natural reaction to the string, without altering the movement, tone and sustain of the string.

        In the case with the JTV, the "clink tone" can be made to sound much more obvious, depending on the modeling settings used and the way it is played (which sounds to me like your situation). However, using high-gain amp settings is an almost certain way to make that sound occur. After watching your video, the "clink" is very obvious, especially on the Strat and LP settings. Most Piezo bridges are used for an acoustic tone only, and not for high-gain. So that "clink tone" is significantly less prominent.

        There are things you can do to reduce that effect, just as many people have mentioned on the Line 6 support forum. However, the "clink tone" is a natural side-effect of that kind of pickup.


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          OK. It is completely understandable. Unfortunately, the problem is not only with high-gain and palm muting.
          But still remain questions / topics to ponder.
          I will write my opinions and ask for your expert opinion.

          1. Our problem have one cause. There are many related factors, but the cause of our problem are unequivocally longitudinal waves.
          Do you agree?
          2. Only some guitars have this problem. Maybe there is a way to remove / suppress mechanical cause, but searching this solution is very difficult.
          3. I am convinced that the problem can be solved by modifying the firmware.
          On the A5 string this works.
          I'm not saying: It's easy. It's ideal.
          I say: This can be done. It is possible .
          Do you agree?
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            Since LR Baggs does not manufacture the preamp, modeling circuitry, or firmware, I really cannot speak to the potential for those things to solve this issue. Those things are Line 6's.

            What I can say, is that the "clank tone" as it is commonly defined, is, in fact, part of every Piezo bridge pickup. Some players may not notice it, while others may find it unusable. It is there though.

            The greatest potential that I have seen for a fix is to add a small level of dampening under the string, being careful not to disrupt the grounding of the string against the saddle. As you said, the solution is very difficult. But since I am not a Line 6 software engineer, that is the only actual advice I can give.


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              I had hoped to the answer will be more concrete. Even so, thank you.
              Your answer (clink tone is a naturally occurring artifact of...) is still better than an answer from Line6: "We do not know what it is." "This can have many causes." - And it's already a success - after two years . Earlier they said (exact quote): "After listening to the new sound sample you provided, again we were not able to hear anything wrong with the guitar unfortunately. We have not heard this complaint or question from any other JTV owners either unfortunately."

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                I am happy to help!

                After listening to your video, that tone is very obvious to me. So it's hard to believe that someone would not be able to hear it.

                All the best!


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                  in solving a problem with the Variax there was no progress.
                  I have a big request, which is unrelated with L.R.Baggs, but you're the experts.
                  Please about your explain this phenomenon:

                  What is causing of these frequencies in this video?
                  0:36 to 0:39 - 1.66 kHz
                  0:40 to 0:43 and 0:48 to 1:10 - 1.9 kHz
                  0:43 to 0:46 - 2.4 kHz
                  (The values given are only approximate)


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                    Hey Miroslav,
                    Unfortunately, there are limitations to every kind of pickup, for electric and acoustic guitar, and any other instrument.

                    Unfortunately, the issues that you are encountering are simply part of the limitations of that Piezo pickup and of the circuit that Line 6 designed for it.

                    There really isn't any way around it that hasn't already been discussed.


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                      My question is not about pickups. The mentioned video is recorded with magnetic pickup.
                      But the same can be observed on whichever guitar, on whichever stringed instrument also without pickups.


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                        I apologize for my misunderstanding.

                        Are you trying to get answers about the actual physics of the string movement?


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                          Yes. My opinion is - longitudinal waves. I want to make sure that I'm right, or I'm wrong.


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                            Hey Miroslav,
                            I'm sorry to say that I don't have an answer to that question.


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                              OK. Thanks.