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best pick-up for stella guitar with no bridge plate

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  • best pick-up for stella guitar with no bridge plate

    What is the best pick-up for Stella guitar with no bridge plate on the inside?
    Leaning towards something that is not in the sound hole.

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    I would recommend either the LR Baggs Lyric or the DPA 4099G.

    If you don't want to drill holes into your guitar or glue stuff to the inside or the soundhole of your guitars go for the DPA 4099G.
    If you don't mind about having a mic glued to the inside of the top of your guitar, a preamp and a battery installed and contols in the soundhole, go with the Lyric.

    I had the 4099G microphone before I had the Lyric installed into my guitars and I was very pleased with the sound of the 4099G.
    That I have choosen to go from the 4099G to the Lyric says a lot about the capabilites of the Lyric and if you play life the Lyric is a lot simpler to use than a condenser mic like the 4099G.


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      Hey lotuswight,
      We have an employee here at the shop with a vintage Stella, that he actually plays-out with, and we put the Lyric in it for him. It sounds really nice! It's just like the guitar, and the installation was very straight-forward.

      We also considered the iBeam for that Stella too, but the Lyric sounded so good we didn't end up trying it out.