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I need your help! Acoustic Pedalboard!

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  • I need your help! Acoustic Pedalboard!

    I am trying to set up a pedalboard for my acoustic set.

    I have a LR Baggs para di, boss TU-2, and Ernie ball volume pedal Jr. It's a pretty simple set and I have no idea how to put those pedals in order.

    I need your help. Thanks.

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    Guitar into volume pedal 'IN' jack, tuner input connected to the 'TUNER' jack, 'OUT' jack connected to the input of the DI.

    This way, you can leave the tuner on all the time and completely out of the signal path.

    However, depending on the output impedance of your pickup, and which model VP Jr. you have, you may need to go into the tuner first to avoid impedance mis match issues.

    Which pickup do you have, and is your volume pedal the 25k or 250k version?



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      I agree with Josh- it really depends on the value of your volume pedal, and what pickup you are using.

      If you are using a Passive pickup, there will be noticeable benefits by running the volume pedal and tuner in the Effects Loop. If you have an active pickup (with a battery), then running it like Josh mentioned would be my recommendation as well.