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  • para DI question

    Hello I Just recieve my para DI and I have a question about ajustement because for Now i'am realy not impressed about it. When I ajust the Mid frequency with the knob where it's write .4, .8, 1.2 and 1.8, can I tweek the .8 and after that go to thé 1.8 and ajust it whitout lost the ajustement made previously on the .8 frequency? Or if I ajust one particuliar fréquence I Will lost his ajustement if I tweek another one?
    Thank you and excuse m'y poor english

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    Hey Seagull,
    The EQ on the Para DI is 100% analog. So any changes you make to the EQ knobs will change the tone in real-time. Each EQ point will only effect a single frequency at a time.


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      So if I understand I can put the knob on .8, tune this fréquence with the MID knob, after that go on 1.2, tune it again with the MID button and the previously ajustement on the .8 frequency Will stay tune like I have ajust it? So each différent fréquence is totally indépendant from each other?


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        No, the different EQ knobs are independent from each other. If you set the KHZ knob at .8, and use the MID to adjust it up or down, 800Hz is what you are adjusting. If you move the KHZ knob from that point, then you will be effecting a different frequency, undoing the adjustment that you have already made.


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          Ok Thank you. Just sens you à privateprivatisation message.