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First class customer support from LR Baggs

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  • First class customer support from LR Baggs

    Just have to share this:

    I'm a new forum member from Scandinavia, and I was looking for information regarding a replacement battery cable for an Anthem system in an Ibanez guitar I got in for repair. Browsing the treads, I found the email address to [email protected] and asked if the cable was available for purchase as a replacement part. The same day i received a reply from Caleb at LR Baggs who informed me that the part not was available for separate sale, but he offered to solve the problem and help the customer by sending a new battery cable at no charge. Customer support is second to none! Very impressive!

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    You ' re right. Caleb give me lots of information by private message about my Para DI for tuning it.
    And this is always the same day. 4