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M1 Active producing a 1.9kHz tone on the D string

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  • M1 Active producing a 1.9kHz tone on the D string

    Hi there,

    Just got an M1 Active fitted to my Walden D560T and it works a treat, except for a pronounced ringing tone around 1.9kHz tone on the D string, especially if I hit it hard. I don't hear this when I listen to the string without the pickup. Also, if I run the pick along the string I get a tone at the same frequency. If I play the same string fretted at the first fret I don't get the tone so I wondered if it was caused at the nut or if the string wasn't producing the same tone that was resonating on the pickup (I'll try tuning the string so that it plays the same tone as the open string and see if I still get the tone).

    Has anyone come across this before with this pickup or is just my guitar?

    Cheers, Andrew

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    Hey Andrew,
    I don't know that I've run into any overtones that were that specific on the M1A.

    A good test would be to try the pickup on another guitar, to see if you have the same issue. If you still have that overtone, then it may be something in the pickup. If the overtone is gone, then you may need to have a Luthier or repair shop inspect the guitar to see what's going on.

    I hope that helps. This is a bit of a strange one.


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      Thanks, Caleb. The store I got the pickup from has had a look and in their opinion it's a naturally bright pickup that is accentuating a natural tone in the guitar. They adjusted the pole height which has improved things slightly, suggested some other possible improvements and I've decided to stick with it and just EQ the tone out using my fx pedal.