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Problem with Lyric in lower register

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  • Problem with Lyric in lower register

    I have recently purchased a Lowden o25C which has as standard a Lyric pickup. The guitar was made in 2013 and delivered in 2014. I am the 2nd owner.

    I have replaced the battery with a new one.

    Am getting distortion in the lower register - on the D string around fourth/fifth fret, and on the A string around the 8/9/10th frets.

    Any pointers? Should I move where it is fitted under the bridge?

    Could it be vibrations that are affecting the microphone from the way it is seated?

    I am in Australia - if you know if any experts in this field that could also help.

    Thanks, Mark

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    Hey Mark,
    If the distortion is that frequency-dependent, there may be something in the guitar that is rattling and causing that response. It could be anything from the bracing, to the way that the internal wires are routed, to the mic itself.

    The best place to start is to see if you can hear anything in the unplugged tone. If you do, it's an obvious indicator of an internal rattle.

    If you don't hear anything there, then you may need to plug the guitar in, and see if you can feel around inside and outside of the guitar to suppress the rattle.

    Of course there is a possibility that the noise is coming from something else, but looking for a rattle is definitely the best step to start troubleshooting the issue.

    I hope that helps.


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      I had the same problem. A rattle or buzzing type of sound only on certain notes. I started listening carefully to the unplugged tone and found that it was a loose washer on one of the tuners. The mic was so sensitive that it picked up that buzz. Easy fix.