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How to combine Lyric with a piezo pickup

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  • How to combine Lyric with a piezo pickup

    Hi, I had the Lyric installed in my Martin GPCPA-4 and love it, but I was wondering how I could still use the already installed Fishman f1 piezo along with the Lyric. I used two guitar cables to accomplish plugging into my Bose T1 Tonematch, one into the condenser mic setting in acoustic guitars, the other into a piezo pickup setting and it sounds great, but it'd be cumbersome to do that live.
    I do love the Lyric all by itself too, but combining the two really sounds nice.
    I also had an issue come up recently when I went to a "plug in and play" open mic type situation where I plugged my cable into my Lyric output and handed the PA guy the other end, and couldn't he couldn't get enough volume. So I had to unplug from the Lyric and plug into the piezo.
    Anyway, sorry for my ignorance on all this technical stuff!
    Also, I read in another thread that there is a LR Baggs Lyric preset in the T1. I'll have to upload that one.