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Lr Baggs Anthem, settings

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  • Lr Baggs Anthem, settings

    So I got the full Anthem installed in my new Eastman. Very pleased so far. It sounded great from first plugging in and very quickly find the sweetspot.

    So I thought it would be interesting to hear how you set yours up? Is there a reason not to have it set at full mic? To me that sounds, not surprisingly, the best. But i guess it´s maybe easier to get feedback that way.

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    Hey southbeck,
    That's actually exactly how I set my Anthem up. I definitely agree that the full mic side of the mix sounds the most natural.

    Surprisingly, since most feedback comes from low frequencies anyways, using full mic or full pickup doesn't seem to make much difference, if any, in the Anthem's tendency to feed back.

    People who use more pickup in the mix usually do so from the fear of feedback (unnecessarily), or it's because they actually like the more punchy response from the pickup's mid-range. Some players who have used undersaddle pickups for a long time actually prefer their tone to other types of pickups.