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M1A - not sounding good above 5

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  • M1A - not sounding good above 5

    Hi - bought this pickup over a year ago for my Taylor 314 Acoustic. I use it very infrequently but the last two times I've used it I have gone direct from the guitar into powered mixers for amplification. I've found that the output is very low from 1-3 on the volume having to push the channel volume on the mixer way up to get sound. The sound quality is very good at this level but it's not a great set up when trying to find a balanced mix on the board. When I get the pickup up to 5 and higher I get really bad sound - sort of microphonic. The guitar sounds like it's being played through an echo/can type sound lots of sensitivity to noise coming from the guitar and my hands, I try to keep my hand away from the PUP but it's still sounds bad. There are unwanted overtones that are hard to describe. I've tried new batteries with no luck. I can probably get by with keeping the pickup volume low and cranking the mixer but it seems wrong that with an onboard pre amp I would need to get the mixers channel input up to max just to get it right in the mix. This is through two different PA systems, differnt channels, fooling with mix/line settings etc. Am I doing something wrong? I was hoping for the price this would be better.

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    Have you tried adjusting the pole pieces closer to the strings in order to increase the string to body ratio? I had a similar situation when I first installed mine but quickly learned that I could increase the overall volume and improve the "blend" by raising the pole pieces. I run mine thru a TC Helicon Harmony G then into the mixer. I had to bump up the guitar gain in the Harmony considerably higher than their suggested setting but once I found the right setting, I can run the M1A volume around 3-4 for general strumming and around 5-6 when playing lead.


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      I'll experiment with the pole height a bit.


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        no dice

        disappointing. Improvements through an outboard pre but I thought thats the point of the pickup itself.

        I've got it going through a small mixer with some gain then out the aux send into the main board to get the gain up where it's usable. It sounds quite good like this but it's more gear than it should be IMO. Pickup still sounds bad over 4 on the volume but at least at this point I have the output I need.

        Thanks for the suggestion though.


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          Hi bgood,

          You are correct. It should not require additional gear to get a usable signal to an amp or PA system.

          I suspect there's something awry in the pickup as it should sound good at full output.

          If you bought the pickup a little over a year ago, I can consider the warranty extended unless some external cause is evident.

          Please reply to [email protected] or call 805-929-3545, ext. 111, to discuss further or arrange to return the pickup for service.


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            After reading Bryan's reply, I decided to crank my M1A up to 10 from its normal 3-5 setting. Very LOUD!!! Very CLEAN. Very IMPRESSIVE!!!!


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              If you have not already done so, please contact LR Baggs about having your M1A tested and repaired or replaced under warranty.