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Lyric placement & using multi fx for eq

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  • Lyric placement & using multi fx for eq

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum but hoped you could help me with a couple of questions.

    I have recently installed a lyric into a Emerald T20 carbon fibre 7 string acoustic. I have noticed the sound is less representative of the natural sound of the guitar compared to when I had the lyric installed in my blueridge br40. I find it sounds more boxy and requires a fair amount of reduction in mid frequencies on my Roland Street cube ex. I used to have the eq flat with my br40. The problem is I lose all mids by rolling of the mids on the amp and not just those frequencies that cause the boxy sound and end up with a less true sound.

    1. I have the lyric placed beneath the bridge just between the string pins and the sound hole. Could re-positioning the lyrics cure the boxy sound?

    2. If not could I get good results from using the eq on a multi fx unit such as the TC Nova System or would I need to buy a dedicated acoustic preamp/eq such as the para di or fishman platinum stage?

    Sorry for the long post but appreciate any help you can give.


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    Hey stu117,
    Changing the mic placement would definitely be the best place to start. It's always ideal if you can get the best possible sound from a good installation, without EQ, then proceed from there.

    At this stage, using a full PA for reference is also a good idea. I don't recommend using small amps to make initial setup decisions, as the tone doesn't always translate well. If you place the mic and set the Presence on the Lyric so that it sounds good on a PA, or other full range system, that will usually sound better through a wider variety of systems.

    Once you get that dialed in, you can determine the need for additional EQ.

    If you would like some tips on mic placement, or if you need any additional mic adhesives, feel free to email me at [email protected].


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      Thanks Caleb, I'll email you.

      I would also be interested to know if anyone has tried the lyric with the Nova system or similar multi fx unit without using a di/preamp and whether this is advisable or sounds any good?

      Hopefully moving the placement will help with the tone but I am also interested in using fx and ideally using a unit that also suits electric guitar as I can't really afford 2 separate fx setups.



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        I've found that multi-effects units are great for effects, but not very effective for EQ. That's my limited perspective though. If I play with effects on my acoustic, I usually run through my electric pedalboard, into the front on my Venue DI for EQ and the DI out.

        Depending on the unit you use, you may be able to get some decent EQ though. It's all up to your ears. If you end up really liking the sound through the Nova, then that's all that you should need.