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  • Question re: volume on Session DI...


    I have a quick question about the volume knob on the Session DI.

    I'm running a Taylor 524 with a Lyric into the Session DI. I'm then running the Session DI into an AER Compact 60.

    So, to stage things, I begin by running the Lyric volume at max and setting the gain in the Session DI so that my signal clips yellow consistently.

    Now, my question centers on the relationship between the volume knob on the Session DI and the input gain on the AER Compact 60 (channel 1).

    Are there more (or less) advisable ways to set and use these in relationship with each other?

    My method has been to run the Lyric and Session volumes at max and, then, set the input gain on the AER Compact to just below clipping. (This results in the input gain being at 12 o'clock on the nose.) Then, I back off the volume on the Session DI to balance it with my vocal mic in channel 2 of the AER Compact 60. Finally, I use the volume knob on the Lyric to make minor adjustments on the fly.

    At the volumes I play, this seems to work just fine.

    But, again, I'm just wondering if I'm on the mark, or if I should be using a different approach.


    Thanks in advance!


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    Hey Don,
    It sounds to me like you are using the gain stages in your setup very well.

    The volume on the Session is actually at the end of the circuit, so it's essentially an attenuation. I usually leave mine set at around 12-1, but setting it at full if definitely the best way to get the ideal signal-to-noise ratio. Then reducing from there to balance against your mic is a solid approach.


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      Terrific -- thank you, Caleb!