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    Merry Christmas.

    I had installed an Anthem that had previously been installed in another guitar. It worked fine then. The Anthem sounds great and all but when I wiggle the cable or just move abruptly I get a very loud and harsh crackle. I have tried it with various cables and in two different amps as well as the system at church. I tried adjusting the nut at the end pin assembly to make sure I had ideal placement so the cable would be going all of the way in. I can still produce the sound on demand. What do I need to do? Please advise.

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    Hey Vancebo,
    I would recommend trying the system with the strap-button removed. That will insure that the cable is plugging into the jack completely. If the jack is still cutting out, then the jack-harness may need to be replaced.

    Just to be sure to isolate the issue, try wiggling the 1/8" connection at the preamp. Make sure that isn't the source of the problem.


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      Here is the latest

      I took the strap pin off and inserted the cable. I wiggled the cable at the plug back and forth with my hand. With each motion came a loud pop and crackle sound. I then removed my strings and checked all of the connections at the preamp and there was no sound other than the handling noise on the piezo element. So what do I do??? Please advise.


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        It sounds like you are going to need a new output jack.

        If you want to email me at [email protected], I'll tell you exactly what you need.