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Stronger attack makes distorted guitar sound (PARA DI ACCOUSTIC)

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  • Stronger attack makes distorted guitar sound (PARA DI ACCOUSTIC)


    I have been using the Para DI to play an accoustic guitar with a Fender Accoustasonic Junior amp, taking the '1.4"' in and output of the Para DI. But when i play stronger the sound distorts. If i play arpeggios it is ok. But when i play chords, strings at the same time, the sound comes distorted, gagging.

    Am i using the wrong battery? I use the 9v alkaline battery. Is this the right one?

    My amp does not have phantom power. Should i get an extra source of energy so that the Para DI works correctly?

    I went to my luhtier today to check if my pick up was alright and the test said the pick up is alright. According to the opinion of my luthier the Para DI is not getting enough energy from the 9v battery.

    Is anybody there that would get a notion thru what i am describing here and is able to help me somehow to solve this problem?

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    Hi arunbexy,
    Have you turned down your input Gain level on your Para DI? Having it set too high will cause the signal to distort at higher playing levels.


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      Hi, Caleb... Thanks

      Oh, this could be a good solution. I use it halph way (12 O' clock). Should i i use it like 15 to 12?

      I am using the mcintyre feather pick up for classical guitar.


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        If you have it set at 12 now, I would try taking it down to 10 or 11 o'clock to start. See if that makes the issue any better, or cleans it up entirely.


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          All right. I'll test it as soon as possible and come back here to report.

          THANKS SO MUCH