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D35 endpin solution without drilling!

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  • D35 endpin solution without drilling!

    Hi, I have bought the anthem mic system to have in my Martin D35. Trouble is that I donĀ“t want to drill up the larger endpin hole that is needed to fit the Anthem endpin. Is there any adapter or similar solution that can be used? The D35 has got a piece of plastic that will be exactly broken in two if drilled through, which is silly. The world seems full of small cable connectors of various kinds, is there really no solution that can be used with the l.r. Baggs system?

    yours Frans Mossberg

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    Hi Frans,

    There is an output jack made in the shape of a stock Martin strap pin. It's called the "Vintage Jack" and it's available from

    I must disclaim, however, that the Vintage Jack is not fastened with hardware. Were it to come loose from the tail block while connected to a pickup system, damage to said pickup system may result. For that reason, use of the Vintage Jack or similar alternative will void the pickup system's warranty.

    It would be very wise to place a male/female TRS connection inside the guitar between the Anthem system and the Vintage Jack. That way there may be an in-line disconnect to protect the pickup system should the jack slip from the tail block.
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