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Venue DI problems

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  • Venue DI problems

    I have had a Venue DI for several years; lately when I plug in no sound comes out. When I take out the guitar cord and replace it or jiggle it the sound returns. I have tried several cords so I know the cord is good. Any ideas?

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    Hi zendafus23,
    There could be any number of things going on. So it may take some troubleshooting. If you want to email me at [email protected], I should be able to correspond more quickly to try and get this figured out with you.


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      same problem

      I also am having this issue with the venue DI. I sometimes have to power cycle it to make it work. I tend to unplug my guitar to save battery length for my lr baggs anthem system why I am using the DI.

      Caleb can we also talk?


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        Hey daveo,
        We can definitely talk. You can email me at [email protected] any time.

        I will be out of the office this week, so I won't be available for any phone conversations.