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Now moving toward dual sourced pickup - Lyric and Black Angel

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  • Now moving toward dual sourced pickup - Lyric and Black Angel

    Hello! I just found this forum and wanted to report my trials (and successes) with the Lyric pickup.

    I have the Lyric installed in both a CA GXI and a Martin CEO-7. I gig solo in quiet restaurants and in a 6-piece acoustic band on medium-low volume stages, and what I’ve found is that at lower volumes there isn’t anything better other than an external mic but when pushed up into louder settings I’ve fallen out of love with the Lyric’s tone. There’s a hollowness to the lower-mids that EQ can’t fix. Instead, I end up just cutting it out.

    So for the last month or thereabouts, I’ve been experimenting with an inexpensive dual-source system and I’m ready to attempt the soldering needed to make it permanent. I’m now using a DiMarzio Black Angel passive magnetic pickup to enhance/replace the bottom end of the frequency spectrum.

    Both channels are now going into an Ultrasound Max DI (2 channel pre-amp). The bass on the Lyric side is cut back to nothing, while the treble on the Black Angel side is also cut back.

    The realism of the treble and the potency of the bass is now evident.

    Can anyone point me to some good pictures or diagrams of how the soldering is done? I think I’ve found out how (lead to hole, ground to square pad), but the more info the better.


    Folk and pop band from the Salt Lake City area.
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    It sounds like you've got the correct idea for the wiring (hot to hole, ground to pad).

    Here's a basic diagram though. I hope it helps.

    Stereo Endpin Wiring.jpg


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      That's awesome! Thank you.