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Acousticaster LR BAGS pickup(piezzo)

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  • Acousticaster LR BAGS pickup(piezzo)

    Heloo,I am new on the forum.I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and my english is not very well ,but I hope I will explain enough good what is my problem.
    I bought today used Acousticaster LR BAGGS ,and the ex proprietary told me that it is 20 year old guitar.My problem is that string D is very much lower than all others string.I took guitar to my friend which know much about repairing guitar and we pull off pickup and knock on him over all 6 positions where string pull over it and all 6 position answer fine.As soon as we put back the pickup in the hole the D string respond very quiet.As we can see the piezzo(pickuop) and this white place where string lies( i think the word for this is saddle,excuse my english) is in one peace.So my questions will be:
    1.what can be wrong with piezzo?
    2.If i have to,Can I replace the piezzo with any other piezzo and put the sadlle over it like is in my fender quitar(fishman piezzo and saddle over it)?
    3. I dont know where is place for battery and what kind of battery my guitar use?

    Thanks in advanced
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    Hello drzox,
    The LB6 that is in that guitar can be replaced pretty easily, since the pickup is still in production. It is possible that after 20 years, one of the six sensors in the pickup has started to go out.

    If you have a guitar tech who can try something, he may be able to put a thin layer of tape under the pickup, just under the quiet string. If the tape helps to raise the volume level of the D string, you may not need to replace the pickup.

    The batteries on the Acousticaster are located behind the control place on the face of the guitar. They should be two 9v batteries.

    I hope that helps.