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  • Bluegrass

    I have the lyric installed in my guitar & the venue di. I have that hooked up to a wireless guitar pedal. This setup is killer, it sounds extremely natural & the bluegrass crowd doesn't know what to think about a guy who can just walk off stage & still play. The boost on the venue really helps the lead flatpicking to cut through. I'm still working on dialing in the lyric & Venue a little. Just curious if linking the session di into the mix would add or take away from the natural sound of the guitar? Trying to make sure I can get as close to the natural sound of the guitar as possible with zero electronic sound. Thoughts? Thanks!

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    In my experience, the Session always adds a little bit of polish that nothing else out there can really do (at least in one pedal). So it definitely won't take away from your sound. The low noise levels on our Session and Venue gives them the ability to work together without significant increases in noise.

    We actually have quite a few players who are suing both the Venue (for EQ) and the Session (for compression/EQ and warmth) on the same board.

    If you want to add some additional life and texture to your guitar, the Session may be a good way to go.


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      An unfortunate typo but as a "suer" of Venue I can confirm they're brilliant!!

      No worries!
      I Started out with nothing & I still have most of it left. (Seasick Steve)


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        Hahaha! Sorry about that!

        Yesterday was my first day back in the office after being gone for over a week. It was bound to happen.