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    I just installed a M1A. After about 30 minutes of playing, a buzz developed. I can touch the strap jack with my finger and the buzz diminishes to almost nothing. But when I remove my finger, the buzz returns. It did not do this when I first installed it.

    I hooked up another guitar and the buzz is not present.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Clark493,
    If the noise goes away when you touch a grounded surface, then that would indicate that there is a shielding issue.

    If you try a few alternate cables and the noise doesn't go away, then you may need to look in the guitar to make sure that the jack installed the tailblock is shielded correctly. There's a barrel/shield on our jacks that protects them from noise. If that barrel cover has become un-threaded at all, it could easily cause noise like that.

    The issue could also be coming from poorly shielded electrical wiring in any given room or building. So it may be a good idea to test the pickup in a different location as well.