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Para Acoustic DI - Powers on, but no sound

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  • Para Acoustic DI - Powers on, but no sound

    Hi there,

    I have a Para Acoustic DI that just stopped working. Everything was hooked up as usual, phantom power, backup battery (fully charged), along with my banjo and mixer.

    It powers up normally, but i get no sound. i listened in headphones, and i can only hear a signal if i turn the gain all the way up!! it is still extremely faint tho.

    all the main ic's and transistors are getting proper voltages, and all of the capacitors and diodes LOOK good.

    when i could hear something, i test out the pots.. they all seem to be responsive, except the volume. so i opened it up and put the ohmmeter on it. it gave me some really funky readings. since it is pcb mounted i figured i would put up a post to get some info on this thing before i desolder anything. I already had to replace the ribbon cables to the jack board with some hookup wire because they snapped.

    do i need to test the volume pot while it is out of circuit? are there any other components i should check?? where can i get replacement pots (I noticed these are B104M which have a different lug layout)

    Thank you in advance,

    Here are some pics, please ignore the crud

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    Hey Jason,
    The easiest way to figure out if the volume pot is at fault is to see if you get sound out of the FX Loop. If you get sound out of the FX Loop Jack, but not from the other outputs, then the volume pot has likely been broken.

    If you can test that out and email me your findings at [email protected], I can see what I can do to help you get that fixed.


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      Forgive me for intruding!.

      But that dust looks a lot like wire wool dust??
      I Started out with nothing & I still have most of it left. (Seasick Steve)