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Unwanted Sounds being picked up

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  • Unwanted Sounds being picked up

    I just had an Anthem installed in my guitar. I'm happy with it so fun but the only issue that I'd like to find out how to resolve is that the sound of the back of my guitar rubbing on my shirt and pants are coming through the PA. If I turn the mic all the way down it stop but if I have the setting more halfway between the mic and pick up then I start getting it again.

    Any recommendations?

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    Hey 23scadoo,
    Unfortunately, the handling noise associated with the Anthem is a byproduct of having a mic in your guitar. The mic will definitely make your guitar sound more natural, but it will also reproduce more body noise then other types of pickups.

    Some guitar finishes are more sensitive than others though. Do you know if your guitar has a Satin finish on it?


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      Yes, the back does have a satin finish.


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        We've definitely found that Satin finishes are much more prone to that kind of excessive handling noise, which is why I asked.

        Unfortunately, most mic-based systems are going to have more issues in that guitar than guitars with other finishes.

        Sadly, there's not much you can do about it, apart from using a less-sensitive pickup like an Element Active.