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M1 output low?

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  • M1 output low?

    Using a M1 passive in a '96 Taylor 812c straight into Venue DI. Great sound; best I've had in this guitar after several other pickup systems, and I get many compliments from sound guys. BUT, I have to max the input Gain on the Venue, and still only get one green light on the input level meter. Is this normal? I know the M1 is passive and therefore low output, but . . ? Thanks!

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    I'd heard some time ago that the passive M1 connected to an LR Baggs Para DI allows for the gain of that preamp to be maxed without clipping.

    The Para DI and Venue DI have nearly the same amount of total available gain, so...

    I took a passive M1, installed it into a Taylor GA3 and connected it to a Venue DI. With the gain control maxed, I was able to maintain two green LEDs from robust strumming. If I really chopped at the attack, I was able to get the yellow LED to blink and I never got the signal to light the red LED in the VU strip.

    I believe that, considering variables such as guitar design, build and age, its setup and that of the pickup regarding pole piece height and the like, your passive M1 and Venue DI are working properly.


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      Bryan, thanks for the reply and for your taking the time to run your own test. I am very happy with the M1 and Venue, but it's nice to know that the M1 output is low, and it's not just mine. Even with the Gain maxed, there is no hiss or noise. I do have two M1As in other guitars, and of course, they send a hotter signal to the Venue. Thanks again! Jim