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Can a Lyric be added to an existing Element?

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  • Can a Lyric be added to an existing Element?

    I have a Gibson J-45 that came with an Element pickup with endpin preamp. Is there any way I can add a Lyric microphone pickup to work with the Element and preamp? Basically making it an Anthem SL?


    Monroe, LA

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    Hey Deadduck,
    Unfortunately, you can only add a passive pickup to the Element, and it will only give you stereo output. Since the Element and the Lyric both require their own preamps, there isn't any good way of combining the Lyric and the Element without drilling two output jack holes.

    Since the Anthem is designed to work with the mic and the pickup, it can blend the two signals in the guitar and send a mono signal out.

    The Anthem SL is the same price as the Lyric. So if you want the SL sound, it would be much easier to remove the Element and install the SL, instead of drilling a second output jack for the Lyric.

    I hope that helps.