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Audio Distortion coming from Imix preamp with the nylon saddles

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  • Audio Distortion coming from Imix preamp with the nylon saddles

    Something has gone south with the iMix blending system. I get an audio distortion coming from the unit. More pronounced when I strum the guitar. I thought it was the battery but it's not. I don't think it's loose bracing since I would hear it acoustically. Before that I had some cutting out with the control knob that attaches to with a computer ribbon. It was sounding great after I removed the vol/blend knobs ribbon. So this time I changed the battery several times, checked it with a volt meter, adjusted the gain knob on the imix. Wiggled the mono/stereo DPT switch. Nothing helped. And to boot it was several hours before my gig at the Geffen Playhouse. For a while my Cordoba had a problem but narrowly got the damn Fishman to work. The imix is on my 2002 Pedro Maldonado Flamenco which is my main guitar. The one I really wanted to use for this gig!

    So here I am. I don't have an enormous amount of options due to finances. I'm getting married in May so we're saving up money. I have been looking at finding a new in box imix with the nylon saddles on Ebay but have only found the steel string version. I also did find the imix blending preamp alone but I'm worried it might be the saddles. or the cable for the saddles. My gut tells me the preamp is bad and the saddles are fine. But doing a trouble shooting project may require help from someone. Or at least show me how to test the tolerances of the lead wires and see if the numbers are off.

    So what does your gut tell you? Preamp bad? Wires? For the time being since I use a Yamaha Magic Stomp with all my sounds and settings, I would rather fix what I have until I go full blown on a system. Later in the year I will do a complete new system. But I have to get the guitar in soon. Norik Renson is not too far from me and he was the one who installed it. Any ideas? I really need my main guitar for the important gigs.

    Thanks so much for all your help!

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    Hey i2eye,
    It sounds to me like the preamp may be having some issues.

    You mentioned a few times that you have multiple saddles for your pickup. Do you have the Hex pickups into the iMix preamp?