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Adding LR Baggs M1 to LR Baggs Lyric already installed in my Huss & Dalton DS

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  • Adding LR Baggs M1 to LR Baggs Lyric already installed in my Huss & Dalton DS

    I have a 2011 Huss & Dalton DS with an LR Baggs Lyric currently installed. This pickup works for some live applications but unfortunately not all. I've been toying around with the idea of adding a passive magnetic soundhole pickup like the M1 to my set up. I've been told this is relatively easy to do and that the M1 can be connected to the existing Lyric output jack/post without much fanfare. Anyone have any first-hand experience with this type of setup? Would these two pickups play nice together? Any red flags? I run my guitar through an LR Baggs Venue DI. I don't want to deal with a stereo out signal unless it's unavoidable. Thanks!

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    Hey vndvrdc,
    Unfortunately, if you want to add the M1 onto the existing Lyric, stereo output is the only option. Since the Venue is a mono-input preamp, it would only be able to process one of the two signals coming from the guitar.

    You could use something like the Mixpro blending preamp. The Mixpro would give you a stereo input and a mono output to process both pickups.

    The Lyric and the M1 cannot be combined into a mono signal on the guitar, but they do make an excellent combination.


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      Thanks for the quick response, Caleb!

      Since stereo out is the only option with this solution does this also mean I cannot hard wire or solder the M1 to the existing Lyric output jack? Or, could I do so but use a stereo instrument cable going out of the guitar? I don't want to drill a 2nd jack hole in the guitar unless absolutely necessary...


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        The Lyric has a solder point on it's PCB that bypasses the preamp and goes directly to the Ring contact on the jack. If you solder to that point (signal and ground), you can get stereo out of the single jack.

        Stereo Endpin Wiring.jpg


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          Thanks so much, Caleb. Really appreciate your insight.


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            Another question, Caleb, if you don't mind. Can I do the same with an M80 in passive mode? I understand that I can't wire two active battery-powered pickups to a single output jack, but wondering if the M80 in passive mode would work? And does the volume control on the M80 work when it's in passive mode? Trying to figure out volume control and blending options with this type of setup. Thanks!


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              The M80 in passive mode would work in the same way that the M1 would. However, the M80 volume control wouldn't work in Passive mode, so you would still need to utilize external control.


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                Hi Caleb. I just got my guitar back w/ the M1 added to the Lyric. The signal sounded great during rehearsal yesterday but I am having a persistent issue w/ my Venue DI. About every 3rd or 4th room/PA we run it through we get a 60 Hz hum from the Venue signal. Not every room, so I don't know if it's necessarily a defect in my particular unit, but the issue was present prior to the stereo pick-up solution and it's still there now. I am powering the unit with an adapter, not a battery, btw. Any thoughts? Is this a persistent issue with the Venues in general? Thanks so much.


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                  What are you running the other half of your stereo signal through? And how is it powered?

                  Have you used the Ground/Lift switch on the Venue yet?


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                    Regarding the 2nd input, I've tried going direct into a PA, through a Radial ToneBone, through a passive DI, etc. The other signal hasn't been the issue -- the Venue hum was present prior to running the stereo pickup set up, btw. I haven't tried the Venue w/ a battery yet, only w/ a Boss power supply. If it's simply an issue of dirty power or interference I would assume a battery would do the trick, but I'm just curious what else could be causing the hum. The hum is present no matter the guitar I'm using, btw -- mono input from a Taylor 314, or a split stereo or mono input from my H&S w/ the Lyric and M1 installed. The hum just rears its head depending on the room or PA. Again, not every night, just sometimes. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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                      I would definitely try an alternate power supply or battery first. That will tell you a lot.

                      If you are still getting hum, then I would definitely try the Ground/Lift when using the XLR out.

                      Let me know how it goes.