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Lyric preamp problem

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  • Lyric preamp problem

    Lately my Lyric only has audio when turned up to max volume. I go slightly down and - nothing. In can hear wiper noise when I swipe the knob back and forth any where along the pot, but no mic sound. Any suggestions?
    Martin 00028 EC and any amp I try. Different cables also.

    Just to clarify: The Lyric has been used a lot this past year and still sounds good but no control any more - just Max volume.
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    Lyric Preamp Problem

    Hi Algonquin!

    I have exactly the same problem with the Lyric which I had installed into my Gibson Hummingbird. Tried nearly everything, different amps, different batteries, different cables. Unfortunately, just like your situation I cannot get the volume to register until it is turned up fully and everything else up to that point just puts static or distortion through the speakers.

    I'm hoping that someone from LR Baggs will have the answer. I thought about stripping the system down and using contact cleaner but I'm worried this may damage some of the plastic parts and void my warranty.

    It is disappointing to see that individual parts cannot be replaced with the lyric system. I'm also a bit annoyed that if it needs to be replaced then a luthier is gonna have to pry the true-mic and the volume pot away from my guitar. Not happy about the potential damage this may cause.

    Simple 3.5mm jack connections between on the cables would solve this easily but unfortunately I realise that this is just a wishful dream.

    Have you contacted LR Baggs directly? The distributor for the UK said that a replacement is no problem, but like I mentioned, I'm not very happy with having the original one ripped out of my guitar.

    Could it be static in the volume pot?

    Kind Regards

    Rodney Ferguson
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      Thanks, Rodney, I haven't contacted the company yet since I'm well out of warranty. I hope someone out there might have some knowledge of where to start poking around. I feel pretty sure it is the preamp. I don't know what I'll find inside - transistors, ICs or potted plant.



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        Hey guys,
        This doesn't quite sound like a bad or dirty volume pot to me (yet).

        If the actual signal is distorting if the volume isn't up all the way, that may indicate a different issue. If the pot was dirty or worn out, you may experience jumps in volume and scratching on the pot. However, distortion is another issue.

        Are you both getting distortion as part of the signal?

        I'll reply to your email as well.

        If you want to email me, I would be happy to give you some options for getting your system looked at or repaired. My email is [email protected].


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          Solved by LR Baggs


          Big thanks to Caleb at LR Baggs for sorting this out at the factory.

          Lyric is now back in my guitar and sounding better than ever




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            So, what was the fix? I just received a Lyric and am going to install it. Do I need to be worried about the equipment I received being the most "up to date"?


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              Originally posted by Marshall View Post
              So, what was the fix? I just received a Lyric and am going to install it. Do I need to be worried about the equipment I received being the most "up to date"?
              Hey Marshall,
              There shouldn't be any need to worry about a new or old model. The issue above was simply an internal part that was causing a short in the preamp- which is pretty rare.

              You should be able to install your Lyric without any fear of similar issues.