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M1a with Session DI?

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  • M1a with Session DI?

    I've decided to move away from the Lyric. My typical plug-in scenario these days is a noisy venue with a crappy PA and no-one to help with the sound (any time I'm playing in a nice place with an attentive audience and good sound then I'm mic'ing up). Getting the Lyric to work well in this scenario just isn't feasible. Not the Lyric's fault, it's just needs certain conditions to be it's best. I'm not interested in faffing about with adding a second source to the Lyric and I don't like UST's so Anthem is out. But...I have my trusty M1a which I haven't used for a while and thinking about it, it might be the perfect solution. I can take it out easily so when I'm mic'ing up it's not there at all to add weight, inhibit any part of my lightly built guitars resonating etc and it does what it does to a consistent standard no matter how punishing the environment.'s a bit brittle sounding on the top strings with a flatpick (which I use a lot), so I was wondering if anyone's tried an M1a with the Session DI, and if so, how were the results? Did it warm it up?

    Caleb - have you guys spent time playing with this combination - thoughts on the results?



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    Hey Lewis,
    From the beginning of the Session's design process, we used the M1/A in our tests. The Session's Saturation adds some (much needed) warmth and fullness to the M1A, and the Comp-EQ does a nice job of smoothing out the heavier mid-range response. You may need to use your mixer to cut some of the treble though.

    The Session should give you a lot of added depth and balance when used with any of our magnetic pickups. It's a great combination!


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      Hey Caleb,

      Thanks for that insight. Much appreciated!



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        How about with the M80? I know that the saturation and comp/EQ are going to sound great, but how about the notch filter? I just moved from an M1a to an M80 and at least on my guitar, the M80 has a real resonant peak at 200hz that the M1a didn't have. All I see on the Session DI is a frequency control, not a cut amount or Q control. Will the M80 sense the right amount to cut? It needs quite a lot of cut, especially at louder volumes.