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guitar monitor with EQ?

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  • guitar monitor with EQ?

    Much of my guitar-ing is now done for worship. Two problems -- guitar sound on the PA system and the inability to hear myself. The Session or Venue DI looks like it might improve the sound of my acoustic g. Now for the money problem. Is there a guitar monitor that can also do what the Session/Venue can do? or at least have EQ on it? I hat buying both a guitar monitor and the Session/Venue. Is the best alternative to buy a decent acoustic amp? I can spend up to about $600. Your input is very important.

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    Hey fingerz,
    It sounds to me like you are looking for an acoustic amp. That's really the only thing that you can get for the price that will give you monitoring as well as a semi-flexible EQ. It probably won't be the same sound that you would get from a Venue or a Session, but it should get you close.

    Something from the Roland AC series or the Fishman Loudbox series would probably give you the best bang for your buck.

    I hope that helps.