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  • Show you acoustic pedalboard!

    Here's mine:

    Guitar goes into ART Levelar compressor, into Venue, into Yamaha NE-2 (parametric EQ), into Yamaha CH-10 Mk II (chorus, splits the signal in stereo at this point), into Boss CE-2, finally into Fishman AFX Reverb.

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    It's all about compression and Eq for me.
    Keeley Comp Pro
    Empress ParaEQ
    WMD ParaEQ
    MXR 6 Band
    LR Baggs ParaEQ Preamp
    Powered by MXR Iso- brick

    Helps me get balanced sounds for strumming and finger picking with a Gibson Hummingbird and Lyric pickup. Watch out for ParaEQ's though. Have yet to find one where the reported frequencies are accurate.

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      I've actually been using the Session DI, almost exclusively this year. Sometimes I will run through my electric pedalboard and use the Alter Ego (delay) and Trinity (reverb) from TC Electronics before running into the Session. Occasionally I'll use my homemade boost pedal too (green, far right). I didn't think I would end up using the Session so much, but the Saturation and Comp-EQ are really adding a texture and a depth of tone to my sound that I've never heard from any other piece of gear.