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Build us an EQ pedal - Fantasy Request

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  • Build us an EQ pedal - Fantasy Request


    Just a little thread for gear nerds who know what they want, but can't find it yet.

    Fantasy EQ pedal for acoustic guitar feature request.

    1. HPF switch 75hz - steep shelving cut
    This is because I get too much rumble which limits pushing volume levels for the rest of the signal.

    2. Low parametric filter 75-170hz + Q control + Level
    Wide enough range to cover drop D and upwards. Also doesn't interfere with low mids.

    3. Low Mid parametric filter 200-500hz + Q control + Level
    Remove some boxiness and make space for vocals

    4. Mid Parametic filter 500hz-1.6khz + Q control + Level
    Can adjust lots of character here i.e 800hz for thinning or thickening guitar sound etc

    5. Presence Level at 3-5khz

    6. Treble level at 10khz

    7. LPF switch 10-12Khz - steep shelving cut
    This can change the character of the acoustic. Especially if after an hour of playing and want to quickly change to refresh sound. Also great to use on resonator guitars

    And finally...

    8. Another flick switch...
    Have the eq set for strumming, then flick a switch for finger picking. Could be preset to cut or enhance specific frequencies for finger picking. Maybe a level knob as well to adjust how much of an influence the switch has.

    Ooh! and a level knob to compensate for all the cutting

    I can't believe how demanding I am



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    Haha! That's a lot of knobs. I like the direction though.

    If anyone else has ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them. Our design process is a bit strange, but the more ideas we have, the better.

    Thanks, Rodders!


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      Knobs KNOBS!!!! aha

      I'm all geeked out now
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        It looks like an expanded version of the EQ that we used on our amplifier, with the addition of the "Q" controls and the HPF.

        Geeking out can be a LOT of fun.