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Takamine cool tube with Anthem SL as a dual source?

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  • Takamine cool tube with Anthem SL as a dual source?

    Hi, I was wondering if any one out there has tried using a Anthem SL as a second source for a Takamine Cool Tube preamp? I currently have the second source configured with a K&K PWM and was thinking of seeing if changing it to an Anthem SL might be a good option sound-wise?


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    Hey Rivers,
    The Anthem SL is an entirely self-contained, active system. The Cool Tube preamp is designed to accept a Passive pickup as a second source. So the Anthem SL would not be compatible at all.


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      Thanks. Do you know what LR Baggs options that would be for passive pickups that would work with the Cool Tube?


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        Well, the Cool Tube preamp's aux input was designed around the Triax that we make for Takamine. So the M1 passive is probably at the top of the list. The iBeam may also be a compatible option. The iBeam would be a more natural sounding pickup, while the M1 would give you more "cut through" for louder band mixes.