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  • M1A Volume control

    Hi, new here and not sure if this topic has been covered before. I've used an M1A in my Taylor for a couple years now and have to say I'm happy with the sound reproduction, feedback resistance, etc..... But the one thing I find problematic about this pickup is where the volume control is placed physically. There are times when I'm strumming a little harder and my fingers wind up contacting the wheel ... thus turning the volume completely off during performance. Just wondering if the LR Baggs folks would ever consider moving the volume wheel or can come up with some option to prevent this from happening. The volume control was one of the reasons I purchased the product, and I do adjust the guitar level during performance whether it be solo, duo , or band settings.

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    Hey strummer,
    We do get a few comments about the placement of the volume control on the M1A from time to time, but all in all, I don't think it's a problem for most players. The artists I've talked to the most about it have mentioned that they had a problem with it when they first got it, but after adjusting their playing slightly it was perfectly fine.

    It's good feedback, but unfortunately, since the pickup was designed over a decade ago and has been one of our best selling pickups, I doubt that the design is going to be changed. You never know though.

    If anyone else has thoughts on this, please chime in any time.