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Volume control esthetic question

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  • Volume control esthetic question

    Hi everyone,

    I have installed on my Martin HD-28 the Element model and is ok, the volume control is super discrete, I'm very happy about that.... I recently I bought the "Anthem SL" to install it on a second guitar but the volume control is VERY noticeable, even though this SL model is smaller than the regular Anthem. My question is: can I install the volume control a bit more inside that is less noticeable or it has to be on the edge of the sound hole???

    I know is a very silly question but I'm very picky on the esthetic of the guitar and find it a bit of a shame that the "control" is quite visible.

    Thank you for your suggestions and support

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    Hello Leonel,
    The Anthem SL's more visible aesthetic is very intentional, of course. It gives the Anthem series a more recognizable look.

    If you want to make it so that the guitar looks less modified, then you can install the mounting adhesive on the back side of the remote. That will allow you to install the remote slightly deeper inside of the soundhole, without the lip of the control interfering with the installation. This will make the volume control respond backwards though.

    I hope that helps.