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Where to place the compressor and where to send the DI signal to FOH from?

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  • Where to place the compressor and where to send the DI signal to FOH from?

    I guess this is two questions in one...

    First, I'm wondering where I should place my compressor (Barber Tone Press). Using it VERY subtly. Should it be placed before or after my Venue DI? I'm using a J45 and D28, both are equipped with LR Baggs Lyrics. Obviously the Lyric has a built in preamp, so signal strength shouldn't be an issue going straight into the Tone Press before the Venue, right? Just curious if most people find it better to compress then EQ, or EQ after compression?

    My second question in regarding where to send the DI from to the FOH when the venue has a dedicated PA and sound guy? My signal path is as follows:

    J45 or D28 wth Lyrics in both > Barber Tone Press Compressor > Venue DI > Holy Grail reverb > SWR California Blonde amp.

    Do I send the DI signal from the Venue to the FOH guy? In this case and given where my Holy Grail is I'd be sending him the Venue's EQ's signal with no reverb since the revert is after the Venue. If I put the reverb in the Venue's effects loop then the FOH guy would also be getting my signal WITH reverb, which may be so good since the amount of reverb I like to hear through my amp may come through completely different through the mains and should just let the sound guy add reverb?

    Or do I send the DI signal from the SWR California Blonde amp? This would be a signal containing everything that came before the amp plus the additional gain stage of the amp, right?

    Just wondering what most people do...Send the DI signal from the Venue or the amp? In an open mic station I probably wouldnt even have my amp with me...
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    Hey sbpark,
    I think that since you're using the Lyric, the compressor should be ideal in front of the Venue, like you have it now. If you wanted to send the reverb signal out of the XLR and/or the 1/4" output, then you may want to try running your reverb in the FX loop of the Venue. Running your reverb in the loop would allow you to get the most out of your compressor, the Venue's gain and EQ stages, and the reverb, while still being able to send the signal to whichever output you want.

    That's my thinking anyways. I'm always a fan of trying multiple options to see what sounds the best to my own ears though. So I would recommend trying a few ways and seeing what works best for you in the long run.