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LR Baggs Anthem Issues ... please help a very frustrated new user!

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  • LR Baggs Anthem Issues ... please help a very frustrated new user!

    Hi guys,

    Bought a new guitar recently which came factory fitted with a full LR Bagss Anthem system. Having only used piezos in the past I was looking forward to getting a more natural acoustic sound through my PA. However, it seems to have some problems...

    When I play the guitar through a PA or acoustic amplifier with the mix turned to the mic position there's a massive amount of muddy low-end boom. To the point where I cant fingerpick a low E without it turning into low feedback or a boomy mess. I've tried it in several locations, through several different PA systems and the result is always the same. Strumming the guitar makes it sound like I've turned the mixer bass control up full.

    I've tweaked the tiny mic preset trimmer and this seems to do what it should - enhances the top end and clarity, but does nothing to rectify the bass issues.

    Thinking that this was perhaps normal for the system I bought a fancy new Fishman Platinum Pro EQ. I can use this to shape the sound to be more normal, but only if I dial a lot off the bass off, turn the low-cut (hi-pass filter) control up FULL, and do a lot of tweaking in the swept mids. Am I right in thinking I shouldn't have to buy a £200 external preamp and work this hard in order to get a good/useable sound out of a flagship pickup system?

    Another thing to note is that if I turn the blend all the way to element, it seems to work fine, none of the bass overload albeit, with the usual unnatural and overly bright piezo sound, however if I then strum it hard, it frequently produces a horrible bzzzzt distortion sound on the note decay - as if the piezo is overloaded.

    Honestly it's got me very frustrated to the point where I'm considering ditching my lovely new top-end acoustic and going back to plugging in with a piezo... that or ripping the whole system out and putting an M1a in or something.

    Any advice greatly received,



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    Hi Dan,

    I am sorry that you are having such a frustrating time with the Anthem. I just got your email, and will be responding to that as soon as possible.