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SBT too existing preamp system

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  • SBT too existing preamp system

    Hi Caleb,
    Is it possible to add a SBT (i.e. a K&K pure mini or PUTW Model #27, Quack Buster or if you have any suggestions) to replace the LR Baggs UST and taking advantage of the preamp system bellow, wiring instructions for the layman would be appreciated.
    I’ll stop short of asking if a quality miniature microphone could be ‘linked in’.

    L.R. Baggs LR-T CV Tuner Preamp features a 3-band EQ, presence, phase, chromatic tuner,
    in a Breedlove Solo C350/SRe-12


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    Hey Ciaran49,
    Unfortunately, the LR-T preamp is actually made by Crafter for Breedlove. It uses our Element from the factory, but since Crafter makes the preamp, I don't actually have any specs available for it.

    If I had to guess, I would assume that the K&K would probably be on the hot side, compared to the Element, and may overdrive the preamp slightly when played hard. It may not, but that's my guess.

    You could definitely try it without damaging the preamp though. It's up to you.


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      ah, ok thanks for your answer'
      kind regards